Our Story

  ZIMARTY is a Los Angeles-based experimental design studio focused on materials and small-scale architectural design wearable. It is founded by husband and wife team Ziba Esmaeilian and Maysam Ghaffari in 2014. Our paths first crossed at Southern California Institute Of Architecture (Sci-Arc) and  later in Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture in New York. In school, we collaborated and helped each other on many projects and it turns out we have many of the same dreams and hopes, fears and challenges. During school, we have learned to realize a design in relationship to its context and constantly try to understand how does material, form and  scale affect our perception of architecture. Having the human body as our context, we think a delicate small scale architecture that can fit in your hand has the equivalent impact as a building structure. We are fascinated by the symbolic value of jewelry and look upon our design as a creative exploration of pieces rather than decorative accessories. In our work, architectural form,  technology and nature fuse into one original story and what we call Wearable Architecture