Wearable Architecture
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is an experimental design studio founded in Los Angeles, working at the intersection of architecture and technology. Our studies focused on the continuation of architectural context in relation to human scale wearable. We design miniature scale architecture and create unique and accessible wearable art. Our product is our architectural model which is inspired by nature structural forms, and 3d printed by latest technology. Our design studio is a magic box to find new adventure & step out of our comfort zone. We love exploring natural phenomena to learn and create what we call Wearable Architecture. 





  Current collections include; Zicube and Acropora. They are unique and result of many studies and experiments. These collections studies the relationship of geometry, form and architecture in form of wearable art. Zicube was the result of my thesis study from Southern California Institute of Architecture. I was fascinated to see how angular and geometrical form can be worn as a piece of jewelry. Later on, I had the Acropora collection with the concept of growth in nature. I studied growth of corals closely and tried to recreate its structure.

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We think

Blending architectural technology and fashion has a great potential for many interesting wearable applications especially if combined with advanced material and fabrication technology. 


Local Galleries


Fold Gallery

453 s. spring street, Los Angeles CA 90013


Gallery Of Functional Art

2525 Michigan Ave E3, Santa Monica, CA 90404


Los Angeles