Zicube Jewelry

Back in school, I was exploring form and material through model making. For one of my final projects I had to make many prototypes and I used 3D printing to explore more possibilities. But, 3D printing was expensive and I had to make them on a smaller scale. In that moment, I saw my Architecture models as pieces of wearable Art. For example, our Zicube collection is the result of my thesis study from Sci-Arc. Our products come from architectural design and deal with form, material, texture, aesthetics and especially emotion on a different scale.


Zicube is a 3d printed architectural design collection inspired from architectural elements and techniques. Zicube explores the evolution of architecture into wearable sculpture and jewelry through the used of 3d print technology.

The main goal is studying the relationship of rough geometry to the human body. This contradiction is fascinating to me. I selected cubes as basic three-dimensional geometric shapes to interlock and go around a human curve. This 3D printed Jewelry stands out boldly.